tips to lose weight during holidays

8 Tips to stay on track with your fitness goals during the holidays

How to lose weight loss during the holiday. It’s not impossible here are 8 tips to help you stay on track with your weight loss and fitness goals this holiday.

1. Track your calories to stay within your caloric budget

Knowledge is power! You can enjoy your holiday treats if you make sure to stay within your caloric budget. It takes up to 15 min or less of your day. Trust me, knowing that only one Ferrero Roche Ball has 73 calories will stop you from eating 10 of them. It’s also fairly irritating to have to pull out your phone every time you want to pop one in your mouth.

2. Plan your meals ahead of time to avoid snackcidents!

Planning what to eat, and even tracking it before you eat it will minimize the likelihood of making poor meal decisions.The biggest blunders happen in the spur of the moment. If you are going out for a dinner, have a look at the menu before you go so you can find something delicious and nutritious that suits your tastes and budget and then make adjustments for that the rest of the day. An example: You’re going to the Cheesecake factory with your colleges for a Christmas dinner party; Go online, look at the menu, find a pasta dish for 300 kcal, account for 2 glasses of wine (250 cal), and have a slice of cheesecake (720 cal) This meal is a total of 1270 cal in just one meal, but if you´re on a 1600 calorie diet you could have an egg white omelet with 130 calories for breakfast and a 200 calorie chicken salad and still hit your target! The Macros won’t be the best but you are having your cake and eating it too!

3. Substitute your ingredients for low calorie options to lose weight

You can shave off calories by substituting ingredients and foods with low-calorie / low-fat options for things like sauces, dips, and beverages. Many meals can taste almost exactly the same but shave off up to half of the calories by substituting ingredients that rack up calories fast. High-fat recipes and condiments and foods that contain a lot of fat such as dressings, dips, sauces, and cheeses, along with all kinds of added sugars and syrups can easily add up to 400-500 extra calories during a day. Substitute high fat/ high sugar options with zero or low-calorie alternatives for things like Barbeque sauces, other condiments, and sauces, ketchup, Ice creams, yogurts, cheeses, keto bread, bagels, and tortillas. Good brands for this is G. Hughes and Walden Farms to name a few.

4. Cut the Booze, lose the weight!

Carbs have 4 cal pr. gram,
Protein has 4 cal pr. gram
Fat has 9 cal pr. gram
Alcohol has 7 cal pr. gram
Drinking alcohol is more fattening than drinking liquid sugar… Pure vodka has plenty of calories. For some reason, very many people believe that pure alcohol has no calories or that they somehow aren’t absorbed by digestion. It very much does. There’s a reason there’s a term called beer belly. A bottle of wine is 750 calories. More than half a day caloric budget for many who are trying to lose weight.

5. Make a promise to stay active every day! No matter what!

Make yourself a promise:
I will do some form of physical activity for 1 hour every day this month regardless of what happens or how I feel. Even if it’s just stretching for an hour or going for a walk. This will make a huge difference in how you feel, your mood, your conscience, confidence, and last but not least your weight loss. Consistency is the number one skill to master to be successful in your weight loss process.

6. Find someone to hold you accountable. It increases your chances of successful fat loss immensely!

Tell your partner, mom, dad, best friend, or other family members about your goal and why it is important to you. Then ask them to help you make good choices. Who knows, maybe they will be inspired to join you. You could also hire a fitness coach, like me! Get in touch here:

7. Make a decision, stick to it, be a hardheaded stubborn success story

When the going gets tough the tough keep going. Anyone can work out once or twice or have a few good meals. The difference between success and failure in the weight loss process is when you decide that YOU WILL DO THIS!, THIS IS FOR YOU! YOU WANT THIS AND NOBODY OR NOTHING WILL STOP YOU. PERIOD. END OF THE CHRISTMAS STORY! You don’t care how hard it’s going to be, you’re just going to do it like it’s your job, you just make it happen, just track the calories, make the good choices and do the workout. Don’t think about it, decide and execute, when you fail get right back up and attack it with hardheaded stubbornness.

8. Plan a reward, Set a premise and a goal to increase your motivation for fat loss

Plan a reward for yourself when you accomplish a task and reach a small goal you set for yourself. The more incentives you can give yourself and add to the list of benefits you will receive from reaching your goal, the more likely you will be to succeed. Rewards grow more success than punishment. An example could be: If I can work out every day this month and stick to my diet every day except Christmas day and lose 1 lb by December 31st, I will allow myself to buy those shoes I´ve been wanting or have 1 donut from Crispy Cream, or get a massage or book a trip. The options are many!

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