How to stop yourself from eating too much

How to stop yourself from eating too much

8 Hacks to stop yourself from eating too much. Controlling how much food you put in your mouth and how often can be quite a struggle, here is 8 proven methods to stop yourself from eating too much.

1. Track your calories to know how much you are ACTUALLY eating

Knowledge is power. Make a deal with yourself, I can eat it if I track it. Trust me, if you knew that eating an entire extra cheesy pizza is 3200 calories (or two days’ worth of calories) you might choose to only have 2 slices instead… And feel better about it the next day.

2. Hire a coach to help you stay accountable and create an optimal meal plan for you

Hiring a fitness coach to track your progress can be a huge step in the right direction. Not only will they help you to come up with a meal plan that will be optimal for your weight loss goal they will hold you accountable for your choices and see the results of your food choices. I’m telling you, knowing that you are doing measurements at the end of the week that will reveal how your eating has been this week will definitely help to stop you from ordering take-out late at night and stuffing your face. Get in touch with body transformation coach Ariell by clicking this link if you are ready to hire a fitness coach.

3. Be prepared – Shop and prepare healthy options to have ready when the hunger strikes

Shop and prepare healthy options to have readily available when hunger strikes. Uber eats usually happens when you are tired and hungry. When you get home from a long day and there’s nothing in the fridge or the freezer. That’s when snacksidents happen. Wraps and ready-made salads are great options. Especially when you make them yourself. If you need guidance on how to put together some great meals for yourself contact me for a custom meal plan. When I make meal plans, I don’t just aim for optimum nutrition, I also chose meals and foods that fit your busy schedule, tastes, and cooking skills.

4. Chew gum to avoid snacking too much

Are you a big snack grazer? Continuously snacking on nuts, small chocolates, and whatever else is in your vicinity?
To stop yourself from putting anything else in your mouth, chew on a piece of gum.


5. Eat slower to get full faster

This might be hard for many but it can help your feeling of satiation. Try to slow down your pace while eating, and chew your food better. You will feel fuller at the end of the meal.

6. Mindful eating can cause you to eat less and feel fuller

Very many people enjoy eating their food while watching their favorite TV shows. This makes you eat more because you are not being conscious about your satiation and fullness. It can also lead to associating food with entertainment so you feel like you need to eat something every time you are being entertained. Make it a rule that you stop doing all other things while eating and focus on the textures and flavors of the food. Think about the great things this food is going to do for your body. Also if you are really excited to watch your TV shows you’re most likely going to be excited about finishing the meal so you can watch the show instead of going for seconds while watching it. Another version can be: You can only eat while watching TV if you are following your diet plan. Sitting in solitude eating a Pizza from Dominos will have some thoughts going through your head about what you are actually doing rather than just mindlessly chomping away at it. And you will be more motivated to stick to your diet because you can watch something while eating it…

7. Practice Discipline, it can be learned!

I frequently hear people say, “I don’t have any willpower” or “I have no self-discipline” like it is something they were born with. Not true. You can practice it. Buy your favorite chocolate bar and set it in the fridge. See how long you can withstand the temptation. Remember that this bar is just here for practice, not to eat. Practice staying firm in your inner dialogue.

8. Remove temptations that you know you cannot resist

If you know yourself too well and know that practicing self-discipline is just too hard in certain situations and you know that certain foods, situations, or even people will have you eating all the things you shouldn’t be eating, then remove them from your everyday situation until you feel more confident that you will be able to withstand. This means throwing away bad temptations in your fridge or cupboards or stowing them away somewhere hard to reach, don’t accept invitations to events you know you will fail at until you have come up with a plan to succeed, like going out to drink with friends you know will result in a late-night drive-through at Jack in the Box. Staying away from certain people can of course be hard, especially if you live with them, if that is the case avoid having meals together until you come up with a plan for that too.

Summary of how to stop yourself from eating too much

Track your calories to know exactly how much you are eating, hire a coach to help you get an optimal meal plan and help hold you accountable, plan your meals and shop to be prepared with healthy options, chew gum to stop yourself from snacking, eat slower and mindfully to feel fuller, keep practicing staying disciplined, don’t give up and remove temptations you can’t help yourself from eating from your house or surroundings. If hunger is a big problem you can read this article:

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